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Performing Theory

This year’s Johannesburg Workshop on Theory and Criticism investigated how forms permeate contemporary life- worlds and practices

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Ananya Roy

Lessons from somewhere

Ananya Roy’s scholarship on microfinance and poverty alleviation and global urbanism has earned her widespread acclaim. She speaks to her former student Gautam Bhan.

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The duality of the cities agenda

Kerwin Datu To galvanise support, the urban development community must promote not only universal housing and services, but also universal employment and disposable income In March 2011, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) completed a major review of its multilateral aid, which resulted in it pulling funding from a number of organisations, including UN-HABITAT. […]

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Teaching for Tomorrow

Edgar Pieterse speaks to Aromar Revi, The Indian Institute for Human Settlements future-orientated director, about his revolutionary approach to curriculum and imagining what is possible. The Indian Institute for Human Settlements is an independent, privately funded, globally ranked education and action-oriented research institution created by a number of India’s leading entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders to address the […]

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Ways of Doing Things

AbdouMaliq Simone is an important urbanist whose research surfaces overlooked narratives and makes apparent what he once described as “the sheer volatility of urban life”. He speaks with Achille Mbembe.  

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