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Casablanca | Dead and unburied

Casablanca’s beaches are strewn with rubbish. “Look out for all the litter,” cautions a review on TripAdvisor, an online travel guide. Like the rest of urban Morocco, the city has a reputation for ineffective waste management. Now the government is embarking on a national recycling drive, aiming to divert 20% of solid waste from landfill by 2015 […]

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Mopping up the junk food mess

The seductive taste of highly processed, low-fibre foods is shifting nutritional habits across the developing world’s cities, with worrying consequences.

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Governance with people in places

Jason Corburn A sustainable urban health justice policy requires a relational view of place, where the urban poor are seen as expert scientists about their place On an urban planet, the struggle for global health equity will be in cities, and within city neighbourhoods. Global health is now urban health, and urban health justice is […]

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