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Soweto is both symbol and living city. Conceived as a segregated labour compound at the start of the 20th century, it was only officially named in 1963. Soweto is a portmanteau name that answers where (south-western) and what (township). “A place like Soweto does not just happen,” offered Johannesburg’s white city government in 1972. “Nor could it […]

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Inside the World Class City

South African municipalities are legally obligated to develop medium-term integrated development plans (IDPs) and annual business plans and budgets. Where IDPs allow for incremental five-year planning, thereby facilitating achievement of long-term goals through medium-term delivery, business plans allow for detailed operational planning and the articulation of deliverables per department, for the financial year ahead. The […]

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The Filmmaker

A complex and contradictory figure, filmmaker Satyajit Ray had an uncanny ability to engage with the inner lives of many different types of people and to find the right expression for them. He has emerged as one of cinema’s most universally appealing directors By Jai Arjun Singh The tall man is moving about a cluttered room, […]

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The War Reporter

Journalist and writer Ryszard Kapuscinski has been praised as a conjuror extraordinaire of modern reportage, and also dismissed as a profound and dangerous racist. By Sean O’Toole  *This article originally appeared in issue 2 of Cityscapes Magazine.

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Binyavanga Wainana at home in Nairobi

The City of the Future

Kenya is about to break ground on future-tense Konza Technology City, a place without bricks, stones or nails, where there is no smell of human labour, also no stammering. By Binyavanga Wainaina

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