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Science is not as prominent as it could and should be amongst the lay public in Africa. Nor is science fiction. Novelists Nnedi Okorafor and Lauren Beukes debate the reasons

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A man of promise

Storyteller and animation entrepreneur Roye Okupe has come up with a superhero for Africa’s new millennium

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Informal Worlds Reader

Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer spent five years researching informal marketplaces globally. Why? To better map and understand the spatial features of informal markets, but also to intuit the political and economic forces brought to bear on them

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Kinshasa’s fluxes and rhythms

What does the nebulous idea of living together in a place such as Kinshasa mean? And what is the role of photography in documenting and researching this cohabitation in an urban space characterised by folds, gaps and holes?

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Let’s talk about the future

Remaking Johannesburg, says executive mayor Parks Tau, requires not only a future focus and commitment to a long-term vision, but patience and courage too

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Thoughts on inclusive cities

Large-scale urban interventions are marked by friction between technical knowledge and political rationality. Private and state capital also plays an important role in shaping cities. Argentinian architect and urban planner Alfredo Garay discusses the role of these torsional forces and the on-going challenges of urbanisation in contemporary Latin America

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Ananya Roy

Lessons from somewhere

Ananya Roy’s scholarship on microfinance and poverty alleviation and global urbanism has earned her widespread acclaim. She speaks to her former student Gautam Bhan.

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edem ewumey

Credibility is everything

In his first English-language interview, Togolese- Canadian novelist Edem Awumey talks about the many literatures that inform his exile-influenced writings

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On Activism, Toxic-gold-sniffing dogs and photography

Thank you to the many people who turned up for our first Cityscapes Live event yesterday at the Book Lounge in Cape Town. A full house attended Sean O’Toole‘s chat with British photographer Jason Larkin in a conversation that ranged from Larkin’s 2 year project photographing the mine-dumps which surround Johannesburg; the influence of other photographers […]

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