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What of the Economy?

Public investment in Soweto is significant, but is matched by only selective private sector input, notably in retail and housing. Soweto still lacks robust commercial and industrial sectors

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Not Quite Cinderella

Soweto’s Cinderella status ignores some basic truths about the unequal supply of water and electricity. The poor are being ripped-off—but they are also fighting back

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Dehli | Pavement economics thwart Dehli’s planned leaf storm

Delhi is greening—but not quickly enough. In the last 12 years nearly 18 million saplings have been planted in the city to combat air pollution. Now local government is investigating why more haven’t survived. “The survival of even half the saplings should have turned Delhi into a dense forest,” commented a senior official. “Something is terribly […]

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A Criminal Opportunity

Hennie van Vuuren Africa’s growing number of megacities will over time prove attractive bait to criminal elites and grafters who engage in grand corruption The lobby of the Hilton hotel in Addis Ababa, characterised on any given day by the incessant buzz of caffeine- and alcohol-fuelled chatter between local politicians, foreign contractors, aid workers, fixers, […]

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Compassion, not calculus

Recent public marches against road tolls highlight the fact that urban road transport can still be politicised actively in cities of the global south. By Gordon Pirie

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Visible Interstices

Jessica Seddon The difference between responding to the urban challenge with infrastructure and investing in the urban potential of India will get more complicated in future. Urban challenges in India are often phrased in terms of the missing objects: roads, buses, metros, power connections, clean water access points, sewerage treatment plants, schools, hospitals, houses, parks […]

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