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Maths and the city

Novelist Juan Diego Mejia in conversation with mathematician and governor Sergio Fajardo about the focus of an ambitious political project that brought infrastructure, beauty and citizen entitlement to areas of Medellín once ravaged by cocaine wars

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Cliff or hairpin turn?

Life in Rio de Janeiro is up, but down; actually it’s both

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Not Quite Cinderella

Soweto’s Cinderella status ignores some basic truths about the unequal supply of water and electricity. The poor are being ripped-off—but they are also fighting back

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Caracas | My people, your search for toilet paper is over…

A mobile app that helps people find toilet paper has taken off in Venezuela, where state price controls have led to shortages of basic necessities. The free Android service—dubbed Abasteceme, or “Supply Me” in English—has been downloaded more than 12,000 times since launching in June, enabling users to notify one another which stores have coveted products like […]

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Cracks in the Matrix

If recent protests across Brazil tell us anything, it’s that cracks in the current business-first “system” of global urbanism are beginning to show and can only grow. Up to 1 million people in about 100 Brazilian cities have in the last few days taken to the streets protesting social issues that have ranged from corruption; […]

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Postscript – The Demise of Mary Broh, Intrepid Mayor of Monrovia

Photographer Clemence Petit Perrot recently sent us an image that she captured a day after Charles Taylor’s sentencing at the Hague during a trip to Monrovia. When we initially saw some of her photographic work from the trip which co-incided with the emmidiate aftermath of the ruling in Monrovia; we were struck by — and […]

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Kigali | Remaking the City

Underwritten by President Paul Kagame and adopted by Rwanda Parliament in 2008, the award-winning Kigali Conceptual Master Plan is an overarching guide for transforming Rwanda’s capital into a regional financial, business and entertainment centre for East Central Africa The nebulous businessman, backpacking flâneur, ecumenical humanitarian and inquisitive academic is invariably surprised by Rwanda, a country […]

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Colombo | The Logistics Corps

The army’s influence on Colombo is  growing The announcement was unexpected. In January 2011, with the country facing an unprecedented increase in food prices, the Sri Lankan Army, referred to in press material as “the pride of Sri Lanka”, declared that it was to become a vegetable vendor. Soon it was supplying food to residents […]

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The Many Labours of Mister Fashola

Babatunde Fashola is the governor of Lagos State and de facto mayor of the city of Lagos, one of the largest cities in the world. His initiatives have included investing in primary education, widening streets and tackling crime and infrastructural dysfunction, activities that have seen this soccer-loving former lawyer hailed as a “rare example” of a […]

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Participation, With a Little More Bite

Edgar Pieterse Recasting participation as a genuine force of social transformation requires a frank assessment of power relations in our cities In the wake of the World Urban Forum, held in Naples in 2012, it is clear that the debate about the importance of participation is now truly settled. It seems as if just about […]

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