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The landscaping in Juba

In July 2011, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan and became Africa’s newest country. This is what it was like to be a journalist, white and from South African at that moment

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Nigerian trader Hillary Ogbu discusses an order of labels with a Chinese designer who goes by the name Andy Okeke, in Okeke’s shop in Guangzhou, China

Little Lagos in big China

West African traders flocked to Guangzhou in the late 1990s. Some have established vast business empires with links back to Africa.

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Canny & Co.

Founded by Cameroonian entrepreneur Bonaventure Ndikung, SAVVY Contemporary is a Berlin exhibition space devoted to art, networking and eating

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The Other Woman, by Senegalese director Marie Ka

Cliches in the city

On films that confirm and challenge stereotypes about African cities

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Shuffle & Repeat

Cairo protestors are hearing familiar grievances in old protest songs. Things endlessly repeat themselves, just differently

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Satyajit Ray’s Influence

In issue 3, Jai Arjun Singh writes an illuminating profile Satyajit Ray in the feature piece titled The Filmmaker. His influence on cinema worldwide is without question. We found this video featuring Richard Attenborough, Martin Scorcese and Shyam Benegal as they discuss the impact Ray’s work had on their careers.

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Kinshasa | Congo River Boogie

How do you spell transformation? a-r-t-s, a-n-d, c-u-l-t-u-r-e. There has been an explosion of arts and multiple forms of cultural expression happening in the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo of late. On any given Friday or Saturday night, one is spoiled for entertainment choices. One could swear that some arts and culture […]

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Medellin | Contact Zone

A former landfill is now the meeting point between rich and poor For several years, the city of Medellín had imaginary walls that divided it into two antagonistic worlds: the informal and violent city of the poor, located on the northern slopes of the city; and the developed city of the rich on the southern […]

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You Have a Good CV

In a post-conflict society like the Democratic Republic of Congo, jobs are scarce, enterprise minimal and expectations for professional promotion a strange concept. The country’s fledgling film industry is however changing things, allowing people to aspire, and also come to terms with a pervasive social trauma. By Djo Tunda wa Munga

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Twin Walk, Khartoum. By Emeka Okereke

Where Art Meets Journalism

In 2009 a group of Nigerian artists, most of them photographers, decided to set off on a road trip to Mali—with unexpected consequences.  Lagos is closer to Bamako than Barcelona is to Berlin. Extrapolating from this fact, if a journey between Johannesburg and Cape Town takes an uneventful 15 hours by car—roughly the motoring time […]

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