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An energetic opportunity

Africa sits on the cusp of a renewable energy revolution, but needs massive investment in modernising the grid

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Ghosts evicted from empty city

A flagship housing project on the outskirts of Luanda has created a new Angolan city marked by its own complexities

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Recycling while cycling

A fleet of waste collectors riding bicycles through Lagos presents a model for tapping the value of urban waste

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Rising out of the dumps

Rapid population growth paired with ineffective management strategies has seen waste emerge as major political concern in Dar es Salaam

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Life in the Magic Kingdom

Private developers are remodelling Johannesburg at its urban edge

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Cairo on fire — again

As Egypt hovers on the precipice, politically, Cairo’s citizens are asserting their right to remake the city as it suits them—not who ever is in charge

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Casablanca | Dead and unburied

Casablanca’s beaches are strewn with rubbish. “Look out for all the litter,” cautions a review on TripAdvisor, an online travel guide. Like the rest of urban Morocco, the city has a reputation for ineffective waste management. Now the government is embarking on a national recycling drive, aiming to divert 20% of solid waste from landfill by 2015 […]

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Dehli | A sexual abuse epidemic haunts Dehli

A gruesome gang rape aboard a moving bus in Delhi last year has prompted the rollout of a special service: women-only busses. “The idea is to provide a safer mode of travel to avoid incidents of harassment,” police superintendent Rajendra Asari told reporters after the first route opened in his home province, Gujarat. India’s Urban […]

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Dehli | Pavement economics thwart Dehli’s planned leaf storm

Delhi is greening—but not quickly enough. In the last 12 years nearly 18 million saplings have been planted in the city to combat air pollution. Now local government is investigating why more haven’t survived. “The survival of even half the saplings should have turned Delhi into a dense forest,” commented a senior official. “Something is terribly […]

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Dhaka | Click Farms: Like, but not really

Likes matter: in the age of social media, companies around the world are increasingly turning to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with consumers. Brands that generate the most online activity are more likely to “trend” and reach a wider audience. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, this corporate popularity drive has fuelled the emergence of a new […]

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