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The delicious monster

In 1975 an avant-garde shopping mall in Cape Town’s affluent southern suburbs opened and marketed itself as “the place for people”. Now derelict, the building’s failure and possible demolition is being fiercely debated

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A new old story

Vanessa Watson Architects and developers are scrambling to sell fantastical graphic visions of new satellite cities in the world’s so-called last property development frontier, Africa Urban design and architecturally-inspired visions of fantastical new cities of the future seem to be in fashion again. Not since the days of French architect Le Corbusier back in the 1930s, […]

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On Projective Thinking and Imagination, Resistance Too

Two years ago, Rahul Mehrotra joined the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, where he is currently chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design. He talks to Edgar Pieterse

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