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Far East Bank, Extension 1, Alexandra, Johannesburg, 2009

Laurence Bonvin: The Suburbs of Eldorado

“Photographing in and around Johannesburg has been an exciting and intense experience for me,” says Laurence Bonvin, the Swiss-born photographer whose work autopsies contemporary urbanism in spare tones and with an inquisitive criticality. Bonvin, who studied photography in the southern French city of Arles, and lives between Geneva and Berlin, has over the past decade […]

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Palm Hills Village in New Cairo comprises 26 acres of residential apartments and a three-storey mall with a retractable roof. The development is targeted at students from the American University in Cairo, which relocated to the urban edge after 90 years in central Cairo

Jason Larkin: Cairo Divided

Most capitals are magnets, says British-born Jason Larkin, who moved to Cairo after completing his studies in photography in 2007. The speed with which Cairo has grown in the last century—from 600,000 in 1900 to around 18 million—is, however, testament to both its remarkable centripetal power and surrounding vacuum of opportunity. Africa’s largest urban metropolitan […]

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