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There and back again

India’s congested public roads refuse hurry. Still, in a society where politeness is key, the country’s slow-moving trucks do make some concessions to haste. Many feature the words “Horn Please” or “Blow Horn” prominently painted in elaborate colours on their rear: it is an invitation to speedy motorists to alert the driver. Los Angeles-based Dan Eckstein […]

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Kavina (left) is a fifty-year-old grandmother who works as a maid. She came to Kenya as a refugee from Uganda; her entire family was killed during the Idi Amin regime. Florence, also a maid, is forty-seven years old and comes from Kakamega, in western Kenya.

The workers time forgot

Madagascar-born photographer Guillaume Bonn’s recent photo-essay, Silent Lives. Bonn, a politics and economics graduate of Montreal University who grew up in Nairobi, chose instead to document the working lives of the “house girls”, chauffeurs and night watchmen employed by Kenya’s black, white and Asian upper-class elite. His observant eye singles out ritual and dress; not […]

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Major Adolph Dalaney works in the Reconstruction Room of the Traffic Police at the Liberia National Police Headquarters in Monrovia, capital city of Liberia. 2006.

Jan Banning | Sitting, working, behind a desk

The bureaucrat, that cryptic figure of modern life also known as a civil servant or public official, is a common feature of world literature. He, for he is typically male in Tsarist Russia, appears at the centre of Nikolai Gogol’s proto-modern fictions, most memorably in The Overcoat (1842), a short story about “a certain civil […]

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