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Cloning the African city

Planners and architects seem to have a habit of colluding with developers and politicians to make every city look like every other city. It is happening in Kinshasa and Lagos too

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Democracy through public space

A favela in Rio de Janeiro is producing important lessons in urban design and democratic practice

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Chinese urbanism in Africa

On-going media reports that tower-block Chinese urbanism is taking root in Africa distort what is a far more complex and variegated truth on the ground

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What is next?

Cultivating an appetite for the future demands recouping a politics of aspiration

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Turning refugee facilities to living spaces

A paradigm shift is required in the way refugee settlements are managed in order to rapidly normalise these enclaves and welcome them into the mainstream of society

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Grown up, but still waiting

Many African youths find themselves trapped in prolonged suspension between childhood and adulthood

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That religion called design

In 2014 Cape Town was awash with yellow branding. Why, and was the euphoria worth it?

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Hie’s jou nannas

Cape Town hip hop quintet Dookoom have been vilified and lauded for their protest song about the plight of farmworkers and the lingering irresolution its flags

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Geography and memory

You will know black Cape Town by the hiss of yellow busses braking, people running for the hooting taxi, a block of two-storey flats with elaborate burglar bars

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Water Security

Demand for water in Cape Town is straining the existing water-supply infrastructure. A new paradigm is required to ensure water security in the future

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