Past Issue

Issue #05

April 2014


  • The feminist

    Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was the wife of a reverend whose son became one of Africa’s foremost musicians. A friend of Kwame Nkrumah, her transition from society lady to uncompromising champion of women’s rights and self-determination is also a story about the birth of modern Nigeria

  • The road: a literature review

    The road is a ubiquitous and common feature of daily life. Hedley Twidle considers the substantial literature generated over time by South African highways

  • The connection paradox

    Fernando Serapião considers the context of the Brazilian state’s large-scale informal settlement upgrading projects as well as the efforts in two of São Paulo’s...

  • Edge Design

    Can design avert the toilet wars in Cape Town? By comparing two majority black Cape Town neighbourhoods, Kim Gurney finds a common ethos of...

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  • Maths and the city

    Novelist Juan Diego Mejia in conversation with mathematician and governor Sergio Fajardo about the focus of an ambitious political project that brought infrastructure, beauty and citizen entitlement to areas of Medellín once ravaged by...

  • The city of fragments

    Geographer and theorist Ash Amin in conversation with scholar and writer Richard Sennett about urbanism and making sense of cities visually

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  • Tanya Pampalone
  • Hedley Twidle
  • Juan Diego Mejia
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  • Kim Gurney
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  • Joseph Dana
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  • Caroline Wanjiku Kihato
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