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Smart Cities: What does the focus on \\\"big data\\\" mean for cities in the global south? Reporting on Rio\\\'s radical re-invention; Life in the slums of Kibera; Lagos and Sao Paulo. Featuring Matthew Gandy\\\'s interview with Ash Amin; A look at the life and work of Indian cinema pioneer Satyajiy Ray and Lagos Governor Babatunde Fashola. Cover photograph by Viviane Sassen

Issue #03

Summer 2013



    Welcome to the “smart city”, a data-driven approach to urban design and planning…We visit Rio de Janeiro to see how it all works, and also present four expert views that offer lateral perspectives

  • The Filmmaker

    A complex and contradictory figure, filmmaker Satyajit Ray had an uncanny ability to engage with the inner lives of many different types of people and to find the right expression for them. He has emerged as one of cinema’s most universally appealing directors By Jai...

  • The Many Labours of Mister Fashola

    Babatunde Fashola is the governor of Lagos State and de facto mayor of the city of Lagos, one of the largest cities in the world....

  • Kibera: Nairobi’s Other City

    Kibera is a large informal settlement located five kilometres from  Nairobi’s city centre. Its urban form is familiar across Africa, but Kibera’s history is...

  • Rewriting the City

    São Paulo’s ubiquitous graffiti and pixação are subverting notions of power and authorship in the production of urban public texts.

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Interviews and Conversations

  • Poetic Governance

    Theaster Gates is a Chicago-based artist with concurrent qualifications in urban planning, religious studies and ceramics. He talks about spending time in Cape Town and the acute point of transgression offered by his practice...

  • Things We Don’t or Can’t Notice

    Novelist Imraan Coovadia talks about poetry, fish, not having fun as a writer and the appropriateness of South Africa’s minibus taxi industry as a subject for literary fiction I happen to be a taxi...

  • The Scopic Regimes of Urban Neglect

    We are living in an era marked by many dystopian visions of the future, says distinguished urbanist Ash Amin. Upending them will require work, he tells Matthew Gandy in a wide-ranging discussion that also...

Photo Essays


  • Greg Girard
  • Julie Ruvolo
  • Jason Larkin
  • P. Christopher Zegras
  • Jay Bhalla
  • Steve Song
  • Tau Tavengwa
  • Julian Röder
  • Killian Doherty
  • Jai Arjun Singh
  • Claire Butcher
  • Sean O'Toole
  • Liza Cirolia
  • Joseph Dana
  • Ore Disu
  • Caroline Wanjiku Kihato
  • Teresa P. R. Caldeira
  • Matthew Gandy
  • Adam Greenfield
  • Caroline Skinner
  • Edgar Pieterse
  • Hennie van Vuuren
  • AbdouMaliq Simone