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What of the Economy?

Public investment in Soweto is significant, but is matched by only selective private sector input, notably in retail and housing. Soweto still lacks robust commercial and industrial sectors

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Not Quite Cinderella

Soweto’s Cinderella status ignores some basic truths about the unequal supply of water and electricity. The poor are being ripped-off—but they are also fighting back

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Yes We Can!!!

Words: Joonji Mdjogolo | Photography: Sydelle Willow Smith Soweto will never be free of its political history. It is written in stone, at venues like the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum in Orlando West, which commemorates the student revolt of 1976, and in Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication in Kliptown, the oldest township in Soweto, where […]

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Bridging the divided city

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city, is scheduled to stage two of the world’s largest sporting events. The city is modernising in anticipation, employing sophisticated management technologies and unusual transportation mechanisms. Unavoidably, given the immense expenditure and quixotic nature of some of the infrastructure projects, questions have arisen: at what cost, and for whose […]

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Better information for service effectiveness

P. Christopher Zegras Big data, much of it generated by smartphone-equipped city residents, is fundamentally changing the way we understand, plan and operate urban mobility systems Globally, motorisation—the growth in motor vehicle fleets—represents a major force driving the evolution of transportation and city development. Private motor vehicles offer functional and symbolic utility. Not only do […]

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Smarter Cities will invest in human resources

Jay Bhalla Cities that leverage appropriate smart technologies and open data platforms will better manage everyday decision-making issues African cities are growing exponentially, a fact that has spawned a number of catchphrases, including “silicon savannah”, “Africa rising” and “the last economic frontier”. The growth is partly explained by urban migration, although the influx of foreign […]

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Wi-Fi infrastructure can play an essential role in urban development

Steve Song While the African mobile revolution is widely heralded, little attention has been given to fibre-optic and public Wi-Fi infrastructure, complementary technologies that play essential roles in urban development It is no secret that Africa is one of the fastest urbanising regions in the world. By 2030, the expected urban population for sub-Saharan Africa […]

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A Visionary Statement

The tagline “world-class African city” was first invoked more than a decade ago to describe Johannesburg and its future aspirations. But what does this phrase actually mean? And why has it proven so durable in the city’s official planning discourse? By Kim Gurney  Everything has changed.” Jan Erasmus ratchets up the tempo as he strides […]

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No Sleep till Ban-Galore !!!

Hemangini Gupta Increasingly, Bangalore, now officially known as Bengaluru, is vexed by a singular question: Is it a world city? The way city officials regulate nightlife suggests one possible answer. High above the otherwise modest skyline of the city centre in Bengaluru, India’s “hi-tech” city, a soaring steeple reaches into the sky. It crowns the […]

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All chewed up

Jeremy Sampson In 2001, Interbrand Sampson was called in to rebrand Johannesburg, a city that is a constellation of dissonant experiences and possibilities. The idea of a world-class city can be confusing: a statement meant to conjure aspiration, in reality it can also be somewhat meaningless. What constitutes world-class to me—and I admit I have […]

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