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An energetic opportunity

Africa sits on the cusp of a renewable energy revolution, but needs massive investment in modernising the grid

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Ghosts evicted from empty city

A flagship housing project on the outskirts of Luanda has created a new Angolan city marked by its own complexities

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Recycling while cycling

A fleet of waste collectors riding bicycles through Lagos presents a model for tapping the value of urban waste

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Rising out of the dumps

Rapid population growth paired with ineffective management strategies has seen waste emerge as major political concern in Dar es Salaam

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Life in the Magic Kingdom

Private developers are remodelling Johannesburg at its urban edge

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The delicious monster

In 1975 an avant-garde shopping mall in Cape Town’s affluent southern suburbs opened and marketed itself as “the place for people”. Now derelict, the building’s failure and possible demolition is being fiercely debated

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The people vs. constitution

Kenya’s optimistic 2010 constitution is being tested in informal settlements

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Insecure shopping

Nairobi mall culture after the Westgate attacks

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Cliff or hairpin turn?

Life in Rio de Janeiro is up, but down; actually it’s both

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They came at night

Residents of Istanbul’s decades-old informal settlements have emerged as a political force to challenge Turkey’s new wave of urban development

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