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In issue #7 of Cityscapes, we featured a photo essay by British photographer Jason Larkin from his series “Waiting”. Unfortunately we ran the series with a cropping error which means all readers of the print issue do not get to view the photos as they are meant to. Visit Larkin’s website to view the series […]

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Cityscapes #7: Futurity — Out Now!!

What does it mean to imagine the future from the vantage of the present?

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Issue #6 launch coming to Joburg

Our special 6th print issue titled “City Desired”—will be launched in Johannesburg on March 18 at an event hosted by our friends at Studio-X and South African Cities Network (SACN). Issue 6 focuses on the city of Cape Town and accompanies the exhibition project “City Desired”

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Cityscapes Live 02: Teju Cole speaks to Kgomotso Matsunyane about Lagos

Broadcaster Kgomotso Matsunyane and Teju Cole, author of the award winning book Open City feature in our second Cityscapes Live event on September 7 as part of the Open Book Festival. The conversation will cover contemporary Lagos and touch on Cole’s non-fiction narrative project about the city that he is currently working on from Lagos. Teju Cole was born in America and raised […]

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On Activism, Toxic-gold-sniffing dogs and photography

Thank you to the many people who turned up for our first Cityscapes Live event yesterday at the Book Lounge in Cape Town. A full house attended Sean O’Toole‘s chat with British photographer Jason Larkin in a conversation that ranged from Larkin’s 2 year project photographing the mine-dumps which surround Johannesburg; the influence of other photographers […]

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Cracks in the Matrix

If recent protests across Brazil tell us anything, it’s that cracks in the current business-first “system” of global urbanism are beginning to show and can only grow. Up to 1 million people in about 100 Brazilian cities have in the last few days taken to the streets protesting social issues that have ranged from corruption; […]

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Intern with us

In the grand American tradition, we will be opening up 3 annual 3-4 month internship positions starting July 01 2013. The ideal intern will have an interest in urbanism; be adept at fact checking; can spin a yarn and tell a good story; understands narrative; loves good photography and has strong opinions about what they […]

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Satyajit Ray’s Influence

In issue 3, Jai Arjun Singh writes an illuminating profile Satyajit Ray in the feature piece titled The Filmmaker. His influence on cinema worldwide is without question. We found this video featuring Richard Attenborough, Martin Scorcese and Shyam Benegal as they discuss the impact Ray’s work had on their careers.

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Introducing Cityscapes Live!!!

Beginning on 10 July 2013; we will be hosting a series of events titled Cityscapes Live. These events, to be hosted initially in Cape Town, will feature conversations and interviews with some of our contributors, the occasional screening of a piece of film or documentary we are excited to share with some of our readers […]

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Postscript – The Demise of Mary Broh, Intrepid Mayor of Monrovia

Photographer Clemence Petit Perrot recently sent us an image that she captured a day after Charles Taylor’s sentencing at the Hague during a trip to Monrovia. When we initially saw some of her photographic work from the trip which co-incided with the emmidiate aftermath of the ruling in Monrovia; we were struck by — and […]

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