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The Athletes

Len Taunyane and Jan Mashiani participated in the 1904 Olympic marathon in St. Louis. But their story is far bigger than that, and tainted by an unanswerable silence

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Worldly, young Nigeria

What is the best way to represent Lagos without actually showing it? Nigerian artist and designer Karo Akpokiere thinks it’s through drawing

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A man of promise

Storyteller and animation entrepreneur Roye Okupe has come up with a superhero for Africa’s new millennium

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Anatomy of a failure

Energy is not singularly the preserve of the empathetic state, but a profitable growth sector. Tshwane’s failed prepaid smart metering system offers a case study of what happens when technology and finance are applied to a pressing need

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That religion called design

In 2014 Cape Town was awash with yellow branding. Why, and was the euphoria worth it?

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The delicious monster

In 1975 an avant-garde shopping mall in Cape Town’s affluent southern suburbs opened and marketed itself as “the place for people”. Now derelict, the building’s failure and possible demolition is being fiercely debated

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Canny & Co.

Founded by Cameroonian entrepreneur Bonaventure Ndikung, SAVVY Contemporary is a Berlin exhibition space devoted to art, networking and eating

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Credibility is everything

In his first English-language interview, Togolese- Canadian novelist Edem Awumey talks about the many literatures that inform his exile-influenced writings

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The War Reporter

Journalist and writer Ryszard Kapuscinski has been praised as a conjuror extraordinaire of modern reportage, and also dismissed as a profound and dangerous racist. By Sean O’Toole  *This article originally appeared in issue 2 of Cityscapes Magazine.

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Twin Walk, Khartoum. By Emeka Okereke

Where Art Meets Journalism

In 2009 a group of Nigerian artists, most of them photographers, decided to set off on a road trip to Mali—with unexpected consequences.  Lagos is closer to Bamako than Barcelona is to Berlin. Extrapolating from this fact, if a journey between Johannesburg and Cape Town takes an uneventful 15 hours by car—roughly the motoring time […]

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