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The Entreprenuer

Christina Mtandana is known for her homemade dough cakes. She sells them to passersby in Sweet Home Farm. Business is okay, but it could be better. For Christina, getting ahead is a constant battle against weather. It doesn’t help that her community is meeting the climate change without any basic infrastructure.

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The Farmer

Kieyaam Ryklief is an urban farmer. In a food market dominated by conglomerates, Kieyaam has carved out a tiny niche. His farm in the Philippi Horticultural Area supplies a network of informal traders with locally grown African veggies. His fragile harvest is an overlooked source of food for the urban poor.

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Mopping up the junk food mess

The seductive taste of highly processed, low-fibre foods is shifting nutritional habits across the developing world’s cities, with worrying consequences.

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