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Casablanca | Dead and unburied

Casablanca’s beaches are strewn with rubbish. “Look out for all the litter,” cautions a review on TripAdvisor, an online travel guide. Like the rest of urban Morocco, the city has a reputation for ineffective waste management. Now the government is embarking on a national recycling drive, aiming to divert 20% of solid waste from landfill by 2015 […]

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Dehli | A sexual abuse epidemic haunts Dehli

A gruesome gang rape aboard a moving bus in Delhi last year has prompted the rollout of a special service: women-only busses. “The idea is to provide a safer mode of travel to avoid incidents of harassment,” police superintendent Rajendra Asari told reporters after the first route opened in his home province, Gujarat. India’s Urban […]

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Dehli | Pavement economics thwart Dehli’s planned leaf storm

Delhi is greening—but not quickly enough. In the last 12 years nearly 18 million saplings have been planted in the city to combat air pollution. Now local government is investigating why more haven’t survived. “The survival of even half the saplings should have turned Delhi into a dense forest,” commented a senior official. “Something is terribly […]

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Caracas | My people, your search for toilet paper is over…

A mobile app that helps people find toilet paper has taken off in Venezuela, where state price controls have led to shortages of basic necessities. The free Android service—dubbed Abasteceme, or “Supply Me” in English—has been downloaded more than 12,000 times since launching in June, enabling users to notify one another which stores have coveted products like […]

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