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The Doppelgängers

Hasan and Husain Essop are twin brothers who make art together. Their composite photographs show the observant Muslim brothers doing things in various Cape Town settings. They have made photos in Hout Bay, where they teach, also District Six, where their father lived before apartheid redrew the map of the city.

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The Conservationist

Luzann Isaacs manages a wetland park in Philippi. The park is home to a rare water fern and small endemic frogs. An environmental park in a low-income urban area might be a luxury. But, through Luzann’s outreach, this park is shifting the racial and class connotations still attached to conservation.

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Edge Design

Can design avert the toilet wars in Cape Town? By comparing two majority black Cape Town neighbourhoods, Kim Gurney finds a common ethos of self-built propositions

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Performing Theory

This year’s Johannesburg Workshop on Theory and Criticism investigated how forms permeate contemporary life- worlds and practices

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Inside one of Rea Vaya’s sleek new bus stations

Johannesburg | In the Slow Lane

Gauteng’s private motorists, road tolls, taxis and the hope of public transport Johannesburg’s regenerating inner- city Fashion District has one neon message emblazoned across its entire surface: “ZZZZZ.” It suggests the current failings of the smart new bus rapid transport (BRT) service, launched ahead of the 2010 World Soccer Cup to initially link Soweto with […]

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A Visionary Statement

The tagline “world-class African city” was first invoked more than a decade ago to describe Johannesburg and its future aspirations. But what does this phrase actually mean? And why has it proven so durable in the city’s official planning discourse? By Kim Gurney  Everything has changed.” Jan Erasmus ratchets up the tempo as he strides […]

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Johannesburg | A building collapses

After a building falls, a game of footie A four-storey building constructed in 1901 in central Johannesburg was at the centre of strange, ultimately tragic sequence of events. Gutted by a fire on February 25, large parts of this building dramatically collapsed on March 21, Humans Rights Day, this after scrap recyclers stripped the exposed […]

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Not so fast

Kim Gurney Cape Town’s WDC bid is locally funded but it plays to a number of western assumptions and discourses, not all favourable.

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