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The Unionist

Mina Plaatjies is a domestic worker and trade unionist. She is also a mother of two adolescent children. It is a delicate balancing act fulfilling her duties as domestic labourer, union organiser and weekend mom. But Mina is committed: she wants her children to have more than she did.

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The Principal

Alfonso Louw is the principal of St Agnes Primary in Woodstock. It is a good school with a diverse student body, hands-on leader and innovative learner-focussed projects. But St Agnes is also a poor school in a working-class neighbourhood, meaning the odds are massively stacked against its learners succeeding.

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Ghetto to Gallery

Situated at the southeastern edge of Cape Town’s inner city, Woodstock is an ethnically, religiously and financially diverse community. Gentrification is, however, changing the outlook for many of its long-time residents. By Janine Stephen

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