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Informal Worlds Reader

Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer spent five years researching informal marketplaces globally. Why? To better map and understand the spatial features of informal markets, but also to intuit the political and economic forces brought to bear on them

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Learning to be fearless

Urban studies involves the continuous search for the intersecting points between diagnosis, analysis, critique and proposition

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Participation, With a Little More Bite

Edgar Pieterse Recasting participation as a genuine force of social transformation requires a frank assessment of power relations in our cities In the wake of the World Urban Forum, held in Naples in 2012, it is clear that the debate about the importance of participation is now truly settled. It seems as if just about […]

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On Projective Thinking and Imagination, Resistance Too

Two years ago, Rahul Mehrotra joined the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, where he is currently chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design. He talks to Edgar Pieterse

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Liquid University

Edgar Pieterse African universities and centres of learning will have to radically rethink their functioning to be relevant and effective in a period of urban change. Building a funky and rigorous applied research centre around the problematic of African urbanisation is an odd business to be in. I often spend my days in sessions at […]

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Teaching for Tomorrow

Edgar Pieterse speaks to Aromar Revi, The Indian Institute for Human Settlements future-orientated director, about his revolutionary approach to curriculum and imagining what is possible. The Indian Institute for Human Settlements is an independent, privately funded, globally ranked education and action-oriented research institution created by a number of India’s leading entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders to address the […]

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