CityScapes is a 144 page biannual print publication. It is neither an academic journal nor a literary periodical.

The magazine is a hybrid of forms, simultaneously invested in scholarly discourse around contemporary urbanism in Africa and the global south, as much as individual everyday experiences and activities of the multitude of actors that are actively involved in shaping cities across the continent and the rest of the developing world.

Each issue of the magazine presents readers with a mix of content – both verbal and non-verbal – ranging from long form journalism, opinion pieces, interviews, data and info-graphics to photography.

We invest heavily in well-structured and researched content and target exceptional journalists, people interested in policy, photographers and writers across the global south as contributors.

The magazine is co-edited by Tau Tavengwa and Sean O’Toole. Edgar Pieterse acts as  consulting editor. It is a project of the African Centre for Cities, published in conjunction with Tau Tavengwa.