Postscript – The Demise of Mary Broh, Intrepid Mayor of Monrovia

Photographer Clemence Petit Perrot recently sent us an image that she captured a day after Charles Taylor’s sentencing at the Hague during a trip to Monrovia. When we initially saw some of her photographic work from the trip which co-incided with the emmidiate aftermath of the ruling in Monrovia; we were struck by — and went on to publish — her image of then Monrovia mayor Mary Broh. In the picture, Broh is going about the daily business of cleaning up the city accompanied by a work crew; this on a day the world assumed Liberia would have been at a complete standstill, contemplating life after Taylor. The image below, showing one of Monrovia’s delightfully analogue message boards, shows the other side of Broh’s pragmatic  “just another day” approach. In many ways, Daily Talk is like an analogue twitter account — 1 part news announcement and 4 parts opinion. It clearly demonstrates that for some in Monrovia, April 27, 2012 (the day of Taylor’s sentencing) was not just another day.  Following a ‘request’ from the country’s House of `representatives, Broh resigned on March 2, 2013 and is now standing trial for ‘obstructing government operations’, marking an end to the short but controversial political career of the mayor.


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